Thursday, November 10, 2005

World's longest nonstop commercial flight

"This is the captain speaking."

"If you look down at your legs, you'll see the blood clots breaking loose to your brain."

"Oh, and here are some peanuts..."

Monday, October 31, 2005

Meteorite? Little green men?

Last night, as my wife and I were driving home from a dinner engagement, she and I both experienced what we believe to be one of the most unique, unexplainable events we've witnessed.

At approximately 7:30 p.m., we were heading northwest on Las Brisas Dr. in Reno, NV. Out of nowhere, a green, orblike shape streaked down from the sky in front of us. A green, glowing trail followed the shape as it descended, and, when it disappeared from sight, there was a quick flash of light similar to the phenomenon known as sheet lighting. I can only assume that this flash was the result of the object impacting the ground or exploding just above it. The entire episode lasted no longer than two seconds.

I've not heard any mention of this event on the local news stations, nor have I read about this via other well-known news outlets. I'm going to wait a day or two to see if a rational explanation surfaces; however, if nothing suffices to satisfy my understanding, I'll certainly be placing a few calls to those who might know better.


Sunday, September 11, 2005

Must see movie

Went with my brother and wife to see this on Friday. If you like the horror movie genre, this one's for you.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Monday, August 15, 2005

If you're bored...

This is a fun little engine to view past versions of different Web sites. For instance, you can see what Yahoo looked like back in 1995.

Behold the Model T!

When will the madness end? Tabbed browsing? RSS support? It's like unveiling a Sony walkman at an MP3-player convention...

IE 7 (beta)

10-year Reunion

I’ve just returned from my 10-year high school reunion in the hamlet of Elko, NV. This entry is dedicated to that momentous occasion; however, in order to appreciate this log, it’s probably a good idea to provide you with a bit of historical reference preceding the run-up to this occasion.

My planning for the reunion was akin to a fourteen-year-old planning to drive: It started happening a few years when the very concept was still but a faint glimmer in the would-be planners’ minds. My wife and I had discussed the prospect of attending, and we both were outwardly eager to catch up with old friends. For those who hail from small communities like Elko, it’s easy to relate to the idea that your high-school friends – despite being widely displaced around the globe – can remain as emotionally close to you as the day you graduated.

The planning process unfolded: “What are you going to wear?” my wife would ask. “Who do you think will be going?” I would retort. “Who are you excited to see?” - A common question to which we both wanted answers. As the time drew nearer and the details grew more concrete, the tension began to mount. I think I was the most nervous, knowing that a host of uncomfortable conversations and accomplishment jockeying was certain to lie ahead of us.

When the reunion weekend finally arrived (moving along quickly to avoid read boredom), we were both fairly steeled to the idea that it was 1) going to be awkward, but that 2) we were reserved to enjoy ourselves.

Flash forward to Sunday, August 7, 2005. The reunion was over, gone like a star shooting across the sky. Our drive back to western Nevada was nothing if not reflective. As I pondered the weekend, one common theme kept resurfacing: I truly miss my old friends. I miss Jeff’s smile and laughter, though I know it’s but a few hours away; I miss Ben’s tenacity and zest for adventure; I miss Jerritt’s wit and tongue-in-cheek delivery; and I miss Gina and Scott’s banter: always tasteful and in good fun.

While these names directly come to mind, there are others, too, whose familiar faces and personalities have left a void in me that shall never quite be filled. New friends are made, new relationships are fostered, yet none shall ever impact me more than those which started in the quiet town of Elko.

Friday, June 17, 2005

SBC: Fiber Optics' Future Is Focus of Test Project

And the Bells said, "Let there be fiber!"

SBC: Fiber Optics' Future Is Focus of Test Project

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Google Search: More, more, more

Lately it seems that I've been posting links to more and more pages, rather than write long tomes that no one will likely read.

For those who don't *already* have the Google bug, here's a link the all the services they offer. Pretty easy to find on your own, but why expend the effort when I've done it for you?

It's my dream ( dream) that Google's next big coup will be to unveil a non-email-client-based calendaring system. There has been much speculation about such a tool; however, the skies are still empty for now. For now...............

Google Search: More, more, more

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Guide to Wi-Fi Security

For some: old hat. For others: need-to-know information.

Complete Guide to Wi-Fi Security